Open FLAC file

All about FLAC file format

What is .FLAC file?

FLAC decreases how big is digital music about 60 percent and is a extensively supported formatting across the most a favorite systems. This really is free and produced by the Xiph.Org Foundation.

A FLAC document is certainly a music file folded inside the No cost Lossless Music Codec (FLAC) file format, which can be a great free lossless audio tracks compression formatting. This can be equivalent to a great. AUDIO data file, but is squeezed with no reduction in top quality as well as lowering of any kind of initial sound info. A FLAC Finger-print document, which usually possesses the filename and checksum details for a FLAC document, may end up being built combined with the FLAC data file. This kind of document is certainly typically known as "ffp. txt".

How to open .FLAC file?

# Windows
1 Ableton Live
2 Adobe Audition
3 ALLPlayer
# Mac OS
1 Adobe Audition
2 aTunes
3 Cog
# Linux
1 aTunes
3 Nautilus-Flac-Converter
# Android
1 VLC media player for Android
# iOS
1 VLC Media Player for iOS